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Comic Book Power Rankings

I just finished my July comics.  Here are my favorites:

1. Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man (Issue #3) [Miles meets Norman Osborn for the first time.]
2. Original Sin (Issues #5 and #6) [The Avengers vs. Nick Fury.]
3. Amazing Spider-man (Issue #4) [Peter Parker…meet Cindy Moon.]
4. Uncanny X-men (Issue #23 and #24) [The last will and testament of Charles Xavier.]
5. Guardians Of The Galaxy (Issue #17) [The gang is getting back together.]

One If By Land “In The Fire Of My Youth” Vinyl Release


Between The Days Records has released One If By Land’s debut album “In The Fire Of My Youth” on vinyl.  The record is available in 5 different vinyl/cover combinations:

100 Black
50 Transparent Green
50 Coke Bottle Clear
50 Transparent Green with hand screened cover
50 Coke Bottle Clear with hand screened cover

You can order a copy here (or be awesome and get one of each variant).  The record looks and sounds great and copies are only $10 each, so there’s no excuse not to check it out.

New Comics Day!

My August comics came in the mail today.  Here’s the rundown:
1. Amazing Spider-man #5 and #1.4, Superior Spider-man #32
2. Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man #4, All-New Ultimates #6 and #7, Ultimate FF #6
3. All-New X-men #30 and #31
4. Original Sin #7, Original Sins #5
5. Avengers #34, New Avengers #22 and #23, Avengers World #11
6. Guardians Of The Galaxy #18
7. Daredevil #7
8. Captain America #23
9. Fantastic Four #8 and #9
10. Moon Knight #6
11. New Warriors #8
12. Batman #34, Green Lantern #34
13. Miracleman #9
14. Astro City #14
15. The Manhattan Projects #23
16. The United States Of Murder #4
17. Kick-Ass 3 #8

Jen Wood “Wilderness”

Jen Wood is set to release her new album “Wilderness” on October 14.  You can pre-order the digital version or the vinyl version from her Bandcamp page (or you can get the CD version from Amazon).  If you’ve never listened to Jen, I would recommend checking out "In 3-D" (from "Traveling Through Roots") or "Ride" (from "This Uncontainable Light"), although all of her stuff is good.

Comic Book Power Rankings

I finished reading my June comics and here’s the stuff that stood out:

1. Amazing Spider-man (Issue #3) [Felicia Hardy plots her revenge.]
2. Justice League (Issue #31) [Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor chat by the fire.]
3. Guardians Of The Galaxy (Issue #16) [Captain Marvel rescues Peter Quill.]
4. New Avengers (Issues #19 and #20) [The New Avengers make impossible choices as they deal with another incursion.]
5. Original Sin (Issue #4) [Will the real Nick Fury please stand up?]

Ryan Adams “Gimme Something Good”

I’ve really been digging this song.  It will appear on Ryan’s upcoming self-titled album, which comes out September 9.  You can get the album from his webstore or any of the usual suspects (Amazon, iTunes, etc).  This song is also featured on the first of a series of 7” records that Ryan is currently releasing.  The first one (“Gimme Something Good”) and the second one (“1984”) are already out, with the third one (“Jacksonville”) set to come out on September 16.

Comic Book Power Rankings

I just finished reading my May comics.  Here’s the best of the bunch:

1. Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man (Issue #2) [Norman Osborn is a free man.]
2. Amazing Spider-man (Issue #2) [Peter tries to figure out what he’s missed.]
3. Daredevil (Issue #3) [Daredevil teams up with The Shroud.]
4. Forever Evil (Issue #7) / Justice League (Issue #30) [Lex Luthor dispatches the Crime Syndicate and then he tries to join the Justice League.]
5. Batman (Issue #31) [Batman challenges The Riddler to a game of wits.]


So we finally have an EXTREMELY limited number of 7” vinyl splits that we did as part of the 20 Years of Hell Subscription Series that was released on A-F Records! This is Volume IV, featuring a Previously Unreleased ONE IF BY LAND SONG and a remastered version of our song Handouts!

Also Anti Flag have 2 gems on it as well!

They are $8.00 due to the incredible packaging and costs that went into making these. I’m talking like there are 5 right now for sale on the store. 

Follow the link, first come, first serve. We may have a few more we can put up later but no promises! 

I am so excited that One If By Land now has a few copies of their split 7” with Anti-Flag.  They only have a couple of copies, so I would get one before they’re gone.

Comic Book Power Rankings

Sadly I just finished my April comics.  I really don’t know how I get so far behind.  Anyways, here are the rankings:

1. Ultimate Spider-man (Issue #200) / Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man (Issue #1) [Peter Parker’s family and friends gather to celebrate his life. Miles wrestles with a big decision and then has a surprise visitor.]
2. Uncanny X-men (Issue #20) [Scott Summers and Maria Hill have a chat.]
3. All New X-men (Issue #26) [The secret location of the Xavier School is not a secret anymore.]
4. Daredevil (Issue #2) [Matt is starting to settle in to his new city of San Francisco.]
5. Batman (Issue #30) [Batman has been out of it for awhile and Gotham has drastically changed.]

Jonah Matranga and J. Robbins are in a band together?!?!  Listen to the song ‘Stay Unprepared’ at the link above and then order the ‘Magic Tommy Jackson’ 7” here.  I can only hope that the band will release a full length album after this.